Get Deodorant Stains Out in Minutes!


Deodorant stains can be tough! Don’t have time to change and need to get the stain out fast? You can use a variety of items to remove the white marks. Our personal favorites are dryer sheets or nylon pantyhose. Follow these steps and get the stain out in minutes:


Holding a dryer sheet or a balled-up pair of clean, dry nylon pantyhose in your hand; rub the marks briskly in a circular motion to loosen the dry particles. (Do not wet the stain or it may streak). The dryer sheet or nylon material will pull the deodorant right out of the clothing. Be sure that there is no excess lint from the dryer sheet before using it, otherwise you’ll replace the white marks with lint and gray marks.  Gently brush away any residue with your hand. Carry on looking gorgeous!

Tip: Keep a few dryer sheets in your car, purse, or pocket just in case you missed a spot.

Prevention: Most people get deodorant stains on their clothes from applying too much of it. Try applying it in thinner layers and allow it to dry for 2 minutes before putting your shirt on. You’ll notice far less staining or no staining! If your garment is made of a natural fabric such as wool or silk, the deodorant can also cause discoloration to the fabric itself. Another option for prevention is to switch to a deodorant without aluminum.




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