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Feature Interview with Adam Paul Causgrove: A One Act Play

Feature Interview with Adam Paul Causgrove: A One Act Play

It’s time for yet one more The way to Develop a Moustache Function Interview! This week we convey you none aside from Adam Paul Causgrove, 2012’s winner of The American Mustache Institute Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American Award/Crown, and now the brand new CEO of AMI! This interview was a tad totally different than earlier interviews to say the least.

On the large day I used to be contacted by Adams handler Sal Rutlip by telephone. The person had a excessive pitched voice and a slight stutter. Mr Rutlip gave me an inventory of tips to comply with through the interview, comparable to: I’m not to make direct eye contact together with his Lordship or his pet chimpanzee (Mr. Sniggles), I’ll solely be allowed to take a seat when given permission, I used to be to not sneeze, cough, or blink underneath any circumstances, and lastly, by no means flip my again to him upon exiting. Appeared truthful.

After being learn the tenets I used to be then instructed to attend outdoors my motel sporting a pink corsage, the place I might be picked up at 2 pm sharp. He was additionally curious to know if I had a clear invoice of well being…odd, however I went together with it. Lastly, I used to be to show over the completed interview to Mr Rutlip for an official assessment, the place it might ultimately be returned to me inside 7 to 10 enterprise days. 

The motel they offered was very charming. It was referred to as The Siesta, conveniently situated in North Versailles, 4 hours outdoors of Philadelphia. The desk clerk was very nice, I used to be advised many times no matter I wanted he might procure. This was really royal remedy, and I discovered the hourly charges particularly fascinating.

At 1:55 I used to be standing outdoors of the motel with butterflies in my abdomen. Quickly I might be within the firm of actual American Royalty! Moments later, a black SUV pulled up and three, what I can solely actually describe as circus performers, jumped out. The shorter one of many three, who was nonetheless inches above me in peak, plucked the flower from my lapel, popped in his mouth, and seemed again at his buddies.

“Corsage. That is him!” He garbled in between bites as petals and spittle escaped his mouth.

On that observe, I used to be promptly hooded with a black material bag and thrown behind the car. The SUV smelled of cigars and animal pelt. My, this definitely was thrilling, how all my senses simply sparked to life! An electronically disguised voice informed me I used to be being taken to an undisclosed location. The voice, although masked by know-how, had a well-known stutter to it.

We drove for properly over an hour, it was fairly dizzying, as if I used to be being pushed in circles. Lastly, we got here to a cease and I used to be walked right into a constructing. I might hear somebody fumbling for keys, muffled voices, giggles and my nostril detected a heavy scent of Captain Morgan’s. The place the satan had they taken me? I performed the great sport, stored my head low, and allow them to lead me right into a darkish room. Rattling, I needed Adam’s job! I might hear shades being drawn, after which the hood was faraway from my head. The three “physique guards” stood earlier than me, the driving force was no the place to be seen. They pulled out yo-yo’s and backed off into the darkish recesses of the room. As my eyes adjusted to the dimness I might make out two figures in entrance of me.

There earlier than me, on a humble love seat sat Adam topped and regal, and beside him sat a monkey, Mr Sniggles I might solely assume on the time (later this was confirmed). Unusual, I feel I had an analogous love seat in my room again on the motel, I assumed to myself.

” You might sit,” Adam commanded, clapping his arms twice.

A seat was dragged up behind me and I used to be pushed down into it. This was nice! And this was the place our interview started…

[To be read as a One Act Play]

Setting: Sleazy Motel Room in Pennsylvania, shades are drawn and afternoon solar seeps by way of the cracks. Room is smoky and has seen higher days. 


Douglas Smythe: Author and reporter for well-liked Moustache Website.

Adam Paul Causgrove: Topped CEO for American Mustache Institute.

Mr. Sniggles: Chimpanzee and confidant to his lordship.

three Bodyguards: Eccentrically Dressed sporting handlebar Moustaches and brandishing Duncan Yo-Yo’s ( probably ex-circus performers )

Time: 2 o’clock within the afternoon


Feature Interview with Adam Paul CausgroveDouglas: [clears throat nervously ]  Please Adam, inform us just a little about your self. Who’s the person beneath the crown?  

Adam: Properly, Douglas, the person beneath the crown is simply your typical ruggedly good-looking, finely mustached man.  I put my pants on one leg at a time… after which I’m going out and rock a ‘tache that may make any bald-lipped man cry out of disgrace.

Douglas: A clever man as soon as stated “With a moustache comes nice duty.”- How has your life modified after being topped King of America the recipient of the AMI 2012 Robert Goulet Memorial Moustached American of the Yr Award? (and now CEO) 

Adam: [crosses his legs and clasps his kneecap, Mr Sniggles does the same ] Nicely,  I’ve had the chance to satisfy a variety of individuals and do a ton of issues that in all probability wouldn’t have occurred in any other case.  I’ve been within the paper, on the information, and radio, and even get acknowledged sometimes.  I feel it might be fascinating to see the response of a possible new employer who decides to Google my identify.  That’s fairly humorous.

Douglas: [Douglas leans in almost making eye contact but then catching himself ] How lengthy have you ever owned and operated a bitch’n cookie duster?  

Adam: Virtually 4 years now… the present ‘tache has been going since Might 6, 2012.

Douglas: [Leans in closer, Mr Sniggles touches Douglas’s nose with his index finger and keeps it there. Douglas leans on it. ]How have the stache groupies been?  

Adam: I’ve received a smokin’ scorching fiancé which is good, so I acquired that goin’ for me.

[Douglas nods slowly, a little disappointed by the answer- he shakes off the monkey’s pressing finger and sits back ]

Douglas: What are the perks? Do you continue to pay on your personal drinks, lease, full worth for a doughnut and occasional? 

Adam: [Talking with his hands ]  I’ve acquired a couple of issues totally free right here and there.  A pleasant pair of slacks from Loudmouth clothes, a bottle of Salute vodka as nicely.  Out on the native taverns I are likely to get a beer or two or 5 purchased for me, relying on how recognizable I’m that night, I suppose. [looks off uninterested ]

Douglas: Do you ever take the crown off?  

Adam: The crown sits triumphantly atop my bookshelf, biding its time till the subsequent fortunate and delightful man can declare her.

[Douglas eyes the crown triumphantly atop Adam’s head.]

Douglas: [Douglas to himself ] How he mocks me!

Feature Interview with Adam Paul Causgrove AMI[Recollecting himself ] Umm…what’s your moustache wax of selection?

Adam: [still staring off and twisting his whiskers ] A serious perk for profitable the Goulet is that Captain Fawcett has endowed me with a lifetime provide of his handmade lip pomade and it’s some positive stuff.  Doug Geiger of CanYouHandlebar? (.com) makes a very nice wax, as properly, and is a stand-up man as well.


Douglas: May you could have any stache grooming ideas for the noobs? [Adam squints and shrinks back at the word “noobs”, as if this hurts him. Douglas notices this. ]

Adam: [eyes closed becoming dramatic ] Let it develop.  LET.  IT.  GROW.  Don’t fear about trimming, simply let it go for a couple of months and actually construct up the girth.  Girth is king! [looking up at his crown and seeming pleased with himself, Mr Sniggles winks at Douglas ]

Douglas: [looking perplexed at chimp, Adam clears his throat and breaks the spell. ] Oh sure…how has consuming meals modified for you? Any consuming ideas for once more, the noobs?  

Adam: For those who aren’t afraid to show meals the wrong way up whenever you go to take a chew, you possibly can take pleasure in far more several types of meals.  Bagels & cream cheese, for instance, hell on earth if eaten proper aspect up, flip it over… entire new ball recreation.

Douglas: [delivered challengingly, slowly leaning forward ] Noobs.

Adam: [Adam slowly leans forward almost nose to nose with Douglas ] Noobs. [everyone squints ]

-Dramatic pause, then they each sit again of their seats-

Douglas: Are you into Conventional Moist Shaving?

Adam: I’d wish to get into it, as I feel it might make the high quality shaving across the prime higher lip slightly extra crisp, however I haven’t fairly gotten there.  Usually, I’m not a fan of shaving… I do it extra out of necessity than something. [stroking chin and crossing legs ]

Douglas: [talking to the crown ] Are you presently in coaching for this yr, within the hopes of holding onto the crown? 

Adam: Now that I’ve taken over the AMI, I’m not in rivalry to win the award.  [A huge smile grows on Douglas’s face, his eyes grow wide with possibility ] Which is all proper.  Actually, after profitable the award, there have been few paths I might take that didn’t finish with me affected by a crippling melancholy… taking the helm of the AMI has given me a brand new function and I’m very excited to proceed on the proud custom of America’s bravest group.


Douglas: Is it true, that in the event you take away the governor out of your moustache, you possibly can exceed the velocity of sunshine?  

Adam: [spoken in a pedantic, calculated voice ] In concept, sure.  Nevertheless, it’s troublesome to foretell precisely what the ramifications of such an act can be, so I’ll depart the science behind this to the professionals.

Douglas: I learn someplace just lately that males who sport a dashing moustache haven’t any want for a spotter on the fitness center. Do you discover this to be true?  

Adam: I favor to carry my assorted trapezoid-shaped weights in a dimly-lit room, alone, surrounded by footage of the courageous mustached males who got here earlier than me. [The chimp nods in agreement ] 

Douglas: As everybody is aware of, the human physique has anyplace from 656 to 850 muscle tissues, judging by the crown in your head and the crumb catcher in your face, I feel it’s protected to imagine you have got 850…probably 851, should you think about the moustache a muscle. Do you think about the moustache a muscle?  

Adam: Probably the most harmful muscle within the animal kingdom.

At this Douglas reaches into his jacket, Adams “henchmen” nervously transfer ahead. Mr Sniggles hides behind a throw pillow. Douglas waves them again together with his different hand as he reveals a folded sheet of pocket book paper. He explains to everybody within the room, that these are merely extra questions for his Lordship, despatched in from his ever inquisitive followers. The bodyguards ease up and return to yo-yoing. 

Feature Interview with Adam Paul Causgrove: A One Act PlayDouglas: [Douglas crosses his leg and unfolds the paper ] Mustache or Moustache?  

Adam: I consider Shakespeare as soon as stated, “A m(o)ustache by another spelling would odor simply as candy”, or one thing to that impact.

Douglas: Do you sleep sporting a moustache guard? Do you sleep? Is the crown in your head or left on the desk beside you? The place do you sleep? 

Adam: [Spoken lubriciously ] I sleep fairly properly figuring out that there are gentleman comparable to your self on the market spreading the great phrase of the mustached way of life.  America salutes you, Douglas. [Douglas looks unsure with a “Was he mocking me again?” look on his face. Mr. Sniggles matches eyes with Douglas and smugly nods. ]

Douglas: [Clears throat ] How rather more do you weigh with a champion mustache?  

Adam: When sporting a ‘tache as thick as mine, one has no want for such frivolous issues as “weight” and “ nutritionally balanced meals”.

Douglas: [Crossing his arms ] Does your moustache have a reputation? If no, might I identify it? [does not seem to be reading questions from paper ]

Adam: I consider mustaches should not have names, however fairly their very own, distinctive spirit animal.  By means of a mixture of heavy doses of peyote and sugar-free massive league chewing gum, I’ve discovered that my mustache’s spirit animal is a extremely educated wrestling bear.

Douglas: Have been you born with a mustache?  

Adam: Everyone seems to be born with a mustache… on their coronary heart. [Douglas, Mr Sniggles and the bodyguards seem noticeably impressed with the answer, nodding to themselves slowly absorbing it ]

Douglas: [shaking it off ] Ought to we anticipate to see radical modifications inside the AMI now with you on the helm, or enterprise as ordinary? 

Adam: I feel we’ll see some thrilling issues within the close to future with the AMI and the transfer to Pittsburgh, however for now we’re retaining the small print on the hush hush.

Douglas: [back to reading questions ] Will the AMI ever promote Frisbees? [read as if Douglas is hearing the question for the first time too ]

Adam: [In a serious tone ] We’re in the midst of a 7-year research to weigh the financial advantages and societal influence such a transfer would create.  Particulars might be revealed by the AMI and the Library of Congress in March of 2016.

Douglas: Does Douglas actually have a shot at taking house the crown this yr?  

Adam: As a lot an opportunity as Lloyd Christmas has at courting Mary Swanson. [Said with a sip of his drink and a high-five from the chimp. Douglas is noticeably both confused and possibly insulted. He leans in for his next question as does Adam and Mr. Sniggles. ]

Douglas: [Speaking a little louder than a stage whisper and between gritted teeth ] Who would win a wrestling match between you and Douglas? 

Adam: I’m a state licensed wrestling official within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and have a thicker mustache.  My cash is on me. [Everyone sits back ]

Douglas: And final “reader query”.[Does Italics in the air with fingers ] Might I attempt on the crown?

Adam: these are reader questions nonetheless?

Douglas: [sheepishly smiling ] Sure?

Adam: N-N-No.

Douglas: Was that a stutter?

-Lights Dim Slowly-

 A really particular because of Adam Paul Causgrove, Mr. Sniggles, The American Mustache Institute and Saul Rutlip (in case you are even actual). This interview was most enjoyable and academic even. We want Adam and The AMI a lot success sooner or later! Bravo People!

For more information on The American Moustache Institute please take a look at our previous, eye opening interview with Dr. Aaron Perlut or perhaps go straight to the horses mouth and go to The AMI Web site! Cheers!

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