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German New Medicine Challenges the Germ Theory of Disease and Medical Tyranny that Destroys Lives


Lindsey and child Rico. Was the germ concept of illness answerable for Lindsey’s dying? Story.

by Paul Fassa
Well being Influence Information

Half considered one of Well being Impression Information‘ article on German New Drugs (GNM) included an introduction to this distinctive pure therapeutic methodology created by late Dr. Ryke Geer Hamer and the persecution he confronted from the medical institution. See:

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Though most of Dr. Hamer’s analysis initially concerned solely most cancers sufferers, he came across a radical idea of microbial influences with illnesses basically.

On this second article, we’ll take a look at the weird place that Dr. Hamer’s GNM has with microbes, and the way it differs from the “germ concept” of illness as initially espoused by Louis Pasteur, which is the primary principle behind western pharmaceutical drugs.

The germ concept of illness has been used to justify medical tyranny, the destruction of households by way of medical kidnapping, and the lack of harmless lives via pharmaceutical merchandise.

German New Drugs


After appreciable analysis amongst most cancers sufferers, Dr. Hamer shaped the 5 organic legal guidelines of New Drugs. He modified the identify to German New Drugs upon studying he couldn’t trademark his unique title.

The German New Drugs (GNM) is predicated on tracing the influence of a sudden psychic shock that doesn’t get resolved, leaving an imprint on part of the mind that corresponds with a selected organ. The kind of shock or emotional impression determines the kind of ailment affecting that organ.

The unresolved organic influence creates what Dr. Hamer referred to as a “organic battle,” and its organic decision is hampered by the unnatural “heroic interventions” mainstream allopathic drugs presents. 

In line with GNM, solely pure signifies that assist the physique heal itself may be mandatory after resolving the sudden psychic trauma with a course of past regular psychotherapy. 

That idea was sufficient to trigger the medical institution to have Dr. Hamer imprisoned for a yr and a half regardless of GNM’s remedy price of over 90 % with 6,500 most cancers sufferers through the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Learn extra in our first article on German New Drugs.

Microbes Help Therapeutic In line with GNM

The truth that Dr. Hamer’s German New Drugs (GNM) utterly flips the at present accepted germ principle of illness and is even controversial amongst holistic medical practitioners who settle for the notion of mind-body connections for higher or worse well being. 

Truly, GNM states that microbes will not be the trigger of illnesses. They grow to be current through the organism’s therapeutic course of and suppressing them hampers restoration. Apparently, that is an extension of seeing the issues in Louis Pasteur’s germ concept of illness, which different scientists, even throughout Pasteur’s time, disputed. 

For a modern-day instance of how the germ principle of illness is being challenged, see our earlier article:

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Dr. Hamer’s place on microbes as sources of infectious illness is much more controversial, to place it mildly.  When requested how GNM regarded microbes, he answered:

Up till now, we had thought that microbes brought on infections. This view appeared right as microbes are present in each an infection. In actuality, it isn’t true. The entire immune system is simply a ‘fata morgana’, constructed on speculation.

In avoidable illnesses we additionally forgot or ignored the primary part, the battle lively part.

Solely after the battle is solved do the microbes grow to be lively.

Certainly, they’re directed and activated by the mind. They’re NOT our enemies; they assist us and work on the ordering of our organism.

Since they’re directed from the mind, they assist break down most cancers tumors after their process is fulfilled, or construct up the holes, necroses and tissue injury from the opposite cerebrum teams.

They’re our trustworthy helpers, our visitor staff! The idea of the immune system, the military that fights towards the dangerous microbes, is just improper. (Supply)

The time period “battle lively” on this quote refers back to the “organic battle” from the first sudden emotional psychic shock that registers repercussions within the mind’s sections that relate to totally different organs. Even the illness sort biologically registered on the organ varies in line with the mind’s three tissue layers, every referring to particular varieties of illness.

The sudden and sudden emotional shock registers psychically and emotionally impacts the mind, then registers on the organ concurrently to create the organ-specific illness. 

If the unique shock is revived to acutely aware consciousness and resolved in a fashion past regular psychotherapy, the physique’s therapeutic program kicks in mechanically utilizing microbes to carry out tissue rebuilding and tumor destruction in response to the GNM. 

Most of Dr. Hamer’s analysis concerned most cancers. So plenty of his materials refers to tumors. However GNM apparently has been utilized efficiently to different illnesses. 

Dr. Hamer charted out this complicated system of drugs utterly. It’s an enormous however cohesive system that has an over 90 % fee of therapeutic even amongst terminal most cancers sufferers. The GNM system has recently been utilized to different illnesses aside from most cancers as properly.  

The Influence of Viruses Has Been Challenged Earlier than 

Unbiased researchers have questioned or disputed some virus illness inflicting claims. A well-known main viral trigger declare for AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, was beforehand accepted as the only supply of AIDS.   

The HIV critics, principally virologists, questioned the authenticity of the virus itself. Some additionally claimed that AIDS was an immune illness syndrome associated to traumatic life and exposures to poisonous chemical compounds, and that it wasn’t a selected illness that might be brought on by a selected microbe. 

The next video options the distinguished virologist Peter Duesberg, Ph.D., who explains scientifically that HIV doesn’t trigger AIDS. 

The germ principle typically, one virus for one illness, helps and motivates the pharmaceutical business to create extra medicine that at greatest complicate issues at nice expense financially and worse with unwanted side effects that embrace dying.

Present claims that anti-HIV prescription drugs’ negative effects usually are not as “brutal” as earlier than, if truly true, implies that they have been a minimum of brutal for a while.

Demise from anti-HIV prescription drugs was a aspect impact that wasn’t publicized a lot. 

Outstanding virologist Dr. Peter Duesberg as soon as wrote a scientific paper displaying that the favored anti-HIV drug AZT was inflicting AIDS amongst these recognized with HIV. 

The next is a abstract of a high-profile case that demonstrates the hazard of anti-HIV medicine together with the risks of being recognized with a questionable virus although wholesome on the time. 

The Nagel Household Story: How Medical Tyranny By way of Pressured HIV Medicine Destroyed a Youngster’s Life and Killed His Mom


Lindsey beat all the chances rising up, however Mayo Clinic and CPS threw her a curve ball she was not capable of overcome. Photograph provided by household. Story.

When the Nagels returned to their Minnesota house with their newly-adopted Romanian child, Lindsey, they have been pressured into testing her for HIV since she was foreign-born, although that had been carried out in Romania earlier than they returned. 

They have been shocked when the Minnesota check confirmed Lindsey did have the HIV virus.

Although wholesome on the time, they complied and allowed the physician to medicate child Lindsey with heavy doses of anti-HIV pharmaceutical medicine that included AZT. Then Lindsey turned very unhealthy with a worsening situation because the process carried on.

Her father got here throughout a paper by Duesberg and he referred to as the virologist immediately. Duesberg suggested them to get Lindsey away from that physician and discover the place she could possibly be taken care of whereas recovering from the injury brought on by AZT.

Later, Lindsey’s mom found that out of 10 youngsters, together with Lindsey on the time, who have been being given the AZT medicine, solely Lindsey had survived. All those that continued with these remedies had died.

The result was that Lindsey recovered utterly and grew to steer a wholesome regular life till she had her first child. 

Maybe the truth that Lindsey’s story of restoration from her AZT iatrogenic sickness as a child might have influenced the hospital to insist 21 years later that her new child son bear an experimental mixture of anti-HIV medicine or be taken into custody by Baby Safety Providers the place her son would bear the brand new remedies.

Finally, the outcomes have been tragic for each Lindsey and her son. You possibly can learn extra on the story right here:

How Medical Tyranny By way of Pressured HIV Medicine Destroyed a Youngster’s Life and Killed His Mom

Throughout that very same time, numerous various approaches that enhanced AIDS sufferers’ well being led to a better price of restoration with out critical negative effects than the favored AZT anti-HIV drug. The choice approaches have been holistic, utilizing pure therapeutic herbs, more healthy diets, and more healthy life. 

It must be realized that even when Dr. Hamer’s German New Drugs won’t be good relating to microbes, his GNM strategy has a lot larger efficacy and security document than the germ-theory-motivated-virus-hunters who create harmful medicine.

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