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How State Medical Licensing Boards are Silencing Good Doctors Using Effective, Non-Toxic Therapies

photo of two doctors shocked, and threatened to silence them.

photo of two doctors shocked, and threatened to silence them.

by Richard Gale and Gary Null – PRN
Particular to Well being Impression Information

A few decade in the past, my late colleague Dr. Martin Feldman and I have been invited to be keynote audio system at a convention on anti-aging and various drugs in Chicago.

The corridor was full of a number of thousand clinicians, physicians, medical professors, scientific researchers and docs of non-conventional medical disciplines who have been within the newest anti-aging analysis. Marty and I introduced a paper based mostly upon a year-long medical research we had carried out.

Following the presentation, a professor at a California medical faculty requested me to satisfy privately with some physicians in a separate convention room.

I used to be solely anticipating a handful of docs; subsequently I used to be bowled over to see a number of hundred MDs and PhDs crammed into the area. The physicians and professors have been possible board licensed; what they held in widespread was their inclusion of non-toxic, non-drug therapies of their protocols to deal with sufferers. 

The professor who invited me had revealed dozens of papers in peer-reviewed journals, however she was unable to get her personal medical analysis utilizing various medical therapies revealed. This was although there are already tens of hundreds of research in print supporting the scientific foundation for what she and hundreds of different physicians are doing.

What I discovered from listening to those docs’ complaints is that they feared talking out publicly about their private successes. They fearful that they might be attacked and will face interrogation from state medical boards for breaking rank with the established order.

One professor from the College of Chicago’s medical faculty said that he and his colleagues felt as in the event that they have been in held silent within the closet. 

Nevertheless, what stunned me was their information concerning the causes of illness and non-toxic therapies that would reverse them.

For the next hours Marty and I listened to in depth conversations for stopping, treating and reversing illnesses their colleagues utilizing orthodox protocols have been unable to realize.

A California professor made a comment I might always remember. He said it was virtually Orwellian that these of us who’re in a position to make use of various drugs should apologize for the success of our remedies. We’re attacked and punished for succeeding whereas they’re rewarded for failing.

The room burst into applause.

A lady doctor from Baylor College stated she has by no means been capable of talk about her accomplishments in treating childhood autism as a result of she didn’t use a standard remedy. On these events when she tried, she was confronted with disdain and rebukes.

All of the docs within the room had comparable tales to share. 

My recommendation was for these docs was to start out collaborating collectively and convey their outcomes and protocols to public consideration. 

They argued it was too dangerous. Subsequently nothing occurred and various drugs’s acceptance within the mainstream continues to worsen. 

The consequence has been that tens of hundreds of educated medical practitioners have been pressured to endure, stay silent and follow quietly.  

The bitter irony is that with tens of hundreds of thousands of sufferers turning in the direction of non-conventional drugs, and with this development growing quickly as typical drug interventions repeatedly fail, these docs are the actual heroes who’re being remoted and shunned from the mainstream.

But they’ve the help of the scientific literature to again their well being claims in addition to numerous affected person testimonials. 

Trendy Drugs is a Failure

It can’t be emphasised sufficient that a vital proportion of recent drugs is a failure however however mythologized as a hit.

Within the US, a 2012 Nationwide Well being Interview Survey recorded that 2.1 % representing over 6.5 million People use homeopathy. The web site Homeobook estimates there are about three,000 board licensed American physicians incorporating homeopathy into their medical apply.

Twenty-seven million individuals flip to Chiropractic. Globally, 80 % of the world’s inhabitants use conventional botanical medical therapies. There are not any correct estimates for conventional Chinese language drugs and Indian Ayurveda customers within the US; nevertheless, there are over 6,000 training naturopathic physicians and greater than 27,000 licensed acupuncturists.

After we add different holistic therapies similar to meditative conduct modification, hypnosis, power drugs, numerous mind-body therapies, therapeutic therapeutic massage, and so on., we discover a rising proportion of People resorting to various drugs whether or not or not they comply with allopathic protocols as properly.

Sadly the actual pioneers in these therapeutic arts haven’t any voice and most of the time they’re ridiculed and damned. The message is obvious: keep in your nook, stay silent and don’t deliver consideration to your self. 

Through the course of my profession, I’ve spoken with hundreds of physicians who incorporate some type of various drugs into their medical follow. It’s truthful to say many are fearful of the economic medical complicated and its henchmen within the authorities businesses and media.

With very uncommon exceptions such because the groundbreaking work of Dr. Dean Ornish, will we ever learn in medical journals the profiles of the women and men who’re pioneering safer and simpler methods to stop and reverse illness outdoors of the dominant matrix?

The straightforward the reason why a board licensed doctor would bounce ship and switch to those various therapies are as a result of they work they usually have skilled first hand the path of extreme problems, accidents and deaths brought on by typical drugs.

Even the AMA’s journal famous that iatrogenic demise is the third main reason for demise within the US after heart problems and most cancers. A conservative determine locations the quantity at roughly 300,000 deaths yearly. 

Our personal evaluation suggests drug problems and medical error could also be first. But when we multiply this determine over the course of the earlier ten years, we’re taking a look at three million individuals who have died by the hands of recent drugs. 

America’s Medical Apartheid

Those that are chargeable for this medical genocide are by no means held accountable. In reality, they’re rewarded.

This presents a double normal as a result of these are the identical leaders of the fashionable medical regime who most viciously assault safer pure protocols. They make each effort to include various drugs, which they understand as a menace to their management over the nation’s healthcare.

We have now found a time period that describes this phenomenon nicely: Medical Apartheid. 

Most of the most progressive well being practitioners and people talking out concerning the dangers of typical drugs and the confirmed advantages of the options, discover themselves caught in a medical gulag.

Notable examples embrace Drs. Rupert Sheldrake, Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Andrew Weil, David Perlmutter and a whole lot extra.

The guards over this apartheid encampment are the CDC, the main medical associations, mainstream media, radicalized skeptic organizations espousing scientific materialism such because the Middle for Inquiry and the Society for Science Based mostly Drugs, social media platforms reminiscent of Wikipedia, and naturally the pharmaceutical corporations that financial institution their efforts.

One is not any much less accountable than one other. They work in unison for the only objective of advancing the pipelines of the drug makers whereas roping off the opposition.

Consequently, the apartheid regime acts as a courtroom that each costs and convicts and not using a jury. It performs the position of decide and executioner. And this apartheid is now being demonstrated in all places. 

A superb instance is the profession of Dr. Linus Pauling, probably the most prolific medical researchers in American historical past. Pauling had a distinguished profession at Cal Tech College for over three many years, revealed over 1,200 scientific papers and books, and was the uncommon recipient of the Nobel Prize on two separate events.

But regardless of his spectacular profession, it was his discovery that enormous doses of Vitamin C might forestall and scale back the severity of colds and flu infections that turned him right into a pariah inside the medical institution. His later discovery that mega-doses of Vitamin C could possibly be used to deal with terminal most cancers additional labeled him as a harmful heretic. 

Throughout a personal dialog with Dr. Pauling, he shared with me his private disappointment with the traditional medical group and predicted that sooner or later his whole profession can be decreased to having been an advocate of pseudoscience.

Certainly, his prophecy was fulfilled. Wikipedia describes Orthomolecular Drugs, a modality of other drugs co-founded by Drs. Pauling and Abram Hoffer, which is predicated upon sustaining optimum well being with dietary supplementation, as “meals faddism” and “quackery.” 

And regardless of the tens of hundreds of peer-reviewed research displaying a variety of well being advantages for a whole lot of various vitamins, Wikipedia solely presents a number of dismal and poor high quality research that declare the other.

Dr. Pauling’s case is a lesson to raised perceive why hundreds of medical docs and followers of non-conventional protocols are fearful that their work to heal sufferers may very well destroy their careers and reputations.

And this identifies a tactic of the Medical Apartheid: body various medical practitioners and their advocates as enemies of public well being and detain them in a jail of hysteria, so they’re fearful to succeed in out past the barbed partitions of their gulag. 

Definitions for apartheid differ barely. Nevertheless what all of them share in widespread is that apartheid is a type of discrimination sanctioned by the regulation of the state.

Apartheid’s final objective is to segregate a race, ethnicity, perception system or group to be able to exclude them from the state privileges awarded to these to whom a regime holds in favor.

The victims of apartheid discover themselves entrapped in an open-air detention middle. Though apartheid conjures photographs of Afrikaners’ discrimination towards minorities in South Africa, the Australian authorities’s remedy of the Aboriginal peoples, the southern states of the US through the days of segregation, and Native People being pressured on ghettoized reservations, apartheid is an applicable time period to explain ideological repression, discrimination and segregation waged towards the followers of other factors of view.

The dominant medical paradigm’s unceasing offense towards all types of pure and various drugs has been with us for over century. This assault is being undertaken by a large community of gamers within the pharmaceutical industrial complicated, the federal well being businesses, purchased off politicians, universities, skilled medical associations and journals, the mainstream media, and Silicon Valley companies together with Wikipedia. 

What the medical institution shares with repressive, racist governments is a mission to transcend the boundaries of social and civil rights with a view to set up its authority and management over its focused victims. 

In impact, America’s Medical Apartheid towards non-conventional medical follow is nothing lower than institutionalized prejudice. In impact, the non-conventional and pure medical disciplines are being corridored off into indentured serfdom. 

One function of apartheid is that it permits the “different” to exist in isolation. In South Africa, apartheid was a rule of regulation that enabled Afrikaners and South African Blacks to improvement independently beneath segregated circumstances.

The ruling Afrikaner authorities was absolutely conscious it couldn’t extinguish minority teams altogether. Subsequently a repressive system was created to sequester Black communities.

Likewise, the traditional medical institution is making each effort to quarantine various medical techniques. Extra essential are the efforts to smother the successes of its practitioners and the big physique of peer-reviewed scientific literature indicating that these non-drug based mostly therapies are far simpler and protected than the pharmaceutical mannequin. 

FDA: Enforcer of Medical Apartheid

One of the crucial nefarious federal legal guidelines on the books that perpetuates our nation’s Medical Apartheid is to forbid any well being claims to be related to meals, nutritional vitamins, dietary supplements, and medicinal herbs that haven’t gone via the FDA’s regulatory hurdles for drug approval and licensing. 

Through the 2009 “pretend” H1N1 epidemic, the FDA harassed and threatened Dr. Andrew Weil for his claims that the favored Asian herb astragulus might forestall and deal with swine flu an infection.

The warning got here regardless of an unlimited physique of analysis within the Nationwide Institute of Well being’s database of peer-reviewed medical literature displaying that the plant possesses highly effective antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The FDA has additionally led SWAT raids towards the walnut and cherry industries for promoting these meals’s well being claims.

The only cause for this unwarranted harassment was as a result of astragulus, walnuts and cherries are usually not licensed drugs.

Few are conscious that the FDA employs armed goons wanting to invade dairy farmers offering uncooked milk to their communities. As ridiculous as these examples may seem, it’s regrettably the regulation of the land.

And the pharmaceutical business and its abettors on the highest ranges of the CDC, FDA and HHS are decided to take care of this equipment of surveillance, repression and persecution. 

One other attribute of America’s Medical Apartheid is our healthcare system’s differential angle in the direction of primary human rights and its regressive insurance policies that maintain medical discrimination.

America’s healthcare now ranks on the backside of the pack amongst developed nations. Not solely is it incompetent and economically unsustainable, it’s also completely corrupt and biased by solely benefiting the pharmaceutical and insurance coverage industries and their shareholders.

You possibly can’t place your bets on the inventory marketplace for a possible growth in Chiropracic or Conventional Chinese language Drugs or the invention of a brand new efficient pure remedy.

The supply of medical providers solely inside a personal insurance-based dynasty deliberately refuses to cowl most preventative and various medical practices, that are considerably cheaper and simpler than the drug and surgical interventions being coated.

Once more, we discover cash and energy favoring and offering gratuitous privileges solely to those that are absolutely obedient to the dominant medical paradigm.

By excluding holistic drugs from insurance coverage protection, sufferers are pressured to pay out of pocket in the event that they want to comply with a pure and fewer dangerous course of remedy.

Think about if the US have been extra like Switzerland, which universally covers most various types of remedy, together with homeopathy? We might certainly have a a lot more healthy citizenry. 


Nevertheless, in a Medical Apartheid, the ruling institution controls the legislature and federal well being businesses that decide what’s accepted medical follow.

If well being and wellness are primary human rights, then this apartheid perverts the very definition of “well being” inside its warped parameters that exclude different definitions and the extra scientific means to revive wellness.

“Structural Discrimination”

Consequently, one other attribute of an apartheid is “structural discrimination.”

Discrimination towards various drugs filters down into further legal guidelines limiting the general public freedom of selection and entry to very important well being info.

Examples are the current flurry of legal guidelines being handed in a rising variety of states that mandate vaccination and efforts to limit all dietary counseling, together with recommendation regarding nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements, to licensed dietitians who comply with solely the system’s accepted tips.

Any naturopath, various nutritionist or meals counselor who follows a special medical mannequin is presumed to be inferior. Subsequently the apartheid makes each effort to hamper the affect of their practices. That is one purpose why a Medical Apartheid is analogous to different types of institutionalized racism. 

South African apartheid acknowledged utterly the potential political power within the non-Afrikaner communities. It absolutely realized its capability to upset the established order of White rule.

Subsequently, an apartheid will acknowledge the existence of the “different” whereas concurrently denying and undermining its worth to the nation or bigger group.

Equally, a Medical Apartheid promulgates a tradition of cognitive dissonance inside the medical group. Whereas acknowledging that there’s a huge physique of scientific literature to show various therapies’ efficacy, on the similar it’s decided to by no means advocate on behalf of those therapies. Choice is given to medicine over security and cost-savings. 

Lastly, we should always word the necessary position the powers of personal lobbying play to implement legal guidelines that in flip marginalize and restrict the follow of non-conventional drugs.

Lobbying favors our medical regime, which has grow to be more and more outlined by monetary incentives somewhat than restoring the well being of unwell sufferers.

By encircling various well being techniques with dangerous press, with vitriol and abuse on social media similar to Wikipedia and Fb, with regressive legal guidelines limiting public entry to invaluable remedies, and by erecting prejudiced obstacles to bar non-conventional medical achievements from getting into skilled journals, conferences and medical faculties, pure drugs has grow to be imprisoned for the only function to scale back its publicity to the general public.

Medical Apartheid is just not an unintentional improvement of a healthcare system in decline. The dominant institution oppresses its presumed competitors by the use of distinct legal guidelines, inflexible insurance policies, coordinated harassment and inequitable practices.

As soon as ensnared within the apartheid’s detention zone, there isn’t a recourse until a doctor renounces his or her life’s work, repents to the medical authorities and publicly voices hostility towards the very remedies used efficiently to deal with sufferers.

That is the case of a number of outstanding various well being practitioners who transformed to skepticism, akin to former Chiropractic Samuel Homola and extra notably Edzard Ernst, a former professor of complementary drugs on the College of Exeter within the UK.

In the present day Homola and Ernst at the moment are considered heroes by skeptics, given awards by skeptic organizations and are sometimes referenced as a proof-of-concept that non-conventional drugs merely doesn’t work, is harmful, and subsequently ought to be considered quackery. 

Wikipedia is the principal holder of the digital keys to the Web’s Medical Apartheid

Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales and his minion of militant skeptics function the ultimate arbitrators as as to if a doctor might be awarded a laurel wreath or be condemned with knowledgeable dying sentence. 

Our investigations through the previous yr have satisfied us that there isn’t a purpose by any means to query that Wikipedia’s skeptic editors have direct and/or oblique strains of collusion with the apartheid’s drug business and enablers in authorities, universities and professional associations.

Their crucial position in denigrating various well being professions cannot be overstated. Wikipedia is in truth the digital face of the apartheid at its worse.  

By now, we should always have discovered the teachings of how our federal officers deal with scientifically confirmed risks to the general public: antagonistic results of medicine that ought to have by no means been authorised within the first place, the well being dangers of agricultural chemical compounds akin to glyphosate, the possible escalation of autism and different neurological issues by imposing obligatory vaccination upon the inhabitants, 5G know-how’s peril to human well being and the setting, the dietary and environmental elements related to our epidemics in weight problems, diabetes, autism, coronary heart illnesses, and so forth., and in fact there’s the evisceration of shopper safety legal guidelines, such because the Clear Water and Clear Air acts and the erosion of legal guidelines defending our civil rights and freedom of medical selection.

Not often can we ever learn an trustworthy, truthful exposé about any main media supply and concerning the establishments and organizations that maintain energy over our lives, such because the dilettantes within the drug and insurance coverage industries, American Medical Affiliation and different skilled organizations, the CDC, FDA and the Division of Human Well being Providers.

All of those entities are the architects and helmsmen of a medical regime that earned the status of being a serious menace to the well being of the nation. 

The end result of Medical Apartheid brings us to the ultimate step: to denounce, ridicule and disgrace all various medical therapies and their practitioners.

They’re referred to as “quacks” or in Jimmy Wales’ phrases “lunatic charlatans” on Wikipedia, they usually danger being banned from Google and Fb.

Consequently, their careers are frozen perpetually in a digital actuality with no rights to sue or given recourse for removing.

And eventually, the key thought leaders of non-conventional drugs, in addition to their sufferers who grow to be activist voices for wellness, such because the numerous moms and dads of vaccine-injured youngsters, are labeled as a critical hazard to pubic well being.

Therefore, they face countless harassment and even arrest or imprisonment.

And sadly this technique of the Medical Apartheid is succeeding.     

Concerning the authors

Richard Gale is the Government Producer of the Progressive Radio Community and a former Senior Analysis Analyst within the biotechnology and genomic industries.

Dr. Gary Null is the host of the nation’s longest operating public radio program on various and dietary well being and a multi-award-winning documentary movie director, together with The Warfare on Well being, Poverty Inc and Silent Epidemic.

Revealed on June 20, 2019

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