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How to Remove Glyphosate from the Body and Restore Digestive Health

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The Good Information – There’s a Protected Strategy to Take away Glyphosate from the Physique 

by John P. Thomas
Well being Influence Information

The collaboration between Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD, of the Massachusetts Institute of Know-how [19]and the well-known researcher Kerri Rivera [20] whose work has helped greater than 550 autistic youngsters recuperate regular lives, has revealed a strong answer that anybody can use to free themselves from glyphosate contamination. [7, 8]

It’s Almost Unimaginable to Completely Keep away from Glyphosate

Even when we attempt to be additional cautious, we’re all uncovered to glyphosate daily. This poisonous agricultural poison is in 80% of meals. It’s in lots of sources of water and it could actually even be within the air we breathe. [1, 2]

Glyphosate can also be in natural meals. Regardless that natural meals growers aren’t allowed to make use of glyphosate, it’s nonetheless present in natural meals. It will get into natural meals by means of aerial spray drift, mud carried within the wind from farm to farm, rain and agricultural runoff from adjoining farms. [1, 2]

Typically the degrees of glyphosate in natural meals are almost as excessive as non-organic meals. [3]

The Glyphosate Menace

I beforehand reported on the toxicity of glyphosate and famous that it’s linked to 32 trendy illnesses. [4]

See my earlier articles for extra details about the glyphosate menace:

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The Glyphosate Drawback is an Immense Concern

In 2014, the full quantity of glyphosate utilized in america was 276 million kilos or zero.87 lbs. per individual. [5]

That’s virtually one pound of poison per individual per yr. [6]

We’ve got a restricted potential to take away or destroy glyphosate as soon as it enters our our bodies. Consequently, glyphosate tends to build up over time. [7]

Autism is certainly one of many trendy sicknesses that has been linked to glyphosate toxicity. [4] It’s an excessive instance of what glyphosate can do to youngsters. 

Glyphosate can also be linked with Alzheimer’s, which is one other excessive type of trendy sickness that plagues older People. [4] 

Autism and Alzheimer’s are generally related to digestive issues and constipation. [14] 

Constipation has now develop into a particularly widespread symptom of sickness. It’s rather more than an annoyance – it may be an indicator of glyphosate toxicity. [7, 8]

A Wholesome Intestine goes Hand-in-Hand with general Good Well being

If our digestive system (intestine) is broken and dysfunctional, then we will probably be unhealthy. We could have poor bodily well being, impaired psychological perform, unpredictable emotional functioning, and have irregular conduct patterns. [9]

Simply take into consideration the final time you had a nasty case of indigestion, abdomen flu, meals poisoning, bowel cramps, diarrhea, or extended constipation. How nicely have been you in a position to deal with regular obligations of life if you had any of these signs? 

Have been you relaxed and capable of do onerous bodily work or cardio train? Was your thoughts clear and keen to interact in complicated drawback fixing? Have been you emotionally secure? Have been you affected person and able to be useful to others?

When the intestine is out of order the remainder of life is out of order. If the intestine is chronically out of order, then the remainder of life will probably be chronically out of order.

Constipation is among the Most Widespread Intestine Associated Issues for Youngsters and Adults

I might be specializing in constipation on this article, as a result of it supplies a strong context for demonstrating how glyphosate damages digestion and the way the destruction of glyphosate within the physique can result in therapeutic. 

Constipation is a really critical situation, as a result of the physique can’t get hold of the vitamin it wants from the meals that’s eaten, and it can’t shortly or correctly expel toxins that accumulate within the giant gut. 

Continual constipation can have an effect on the whole well being of the physique particularly when the intestine turns into broken to the purpose the place undigested meals passes into the blood stream and causes havoc within the immune system. [9]

Persistent constipation impacts 2% to 27% of the inhabitants. [10] Most researchers estimate continual constipation to be 12% to 19%. [11] The odds range extensively relying on the standards used to measure and report constipation. [12]

The well being care prices of constipation are vital as evidenced by the a whole lot of million dollars spent yearly on laxatives alone. [10] And the lots of of hundreds of physician visits dedicated to addressing the issue. 

For youngsters, constipation charges may be as excessive as 30%. [13]

For youngsters with autism, constipation is between 90% and 100%. [7]

Regular Patterns of Bowel Exercise

Dr. Joseph Mercola said:

Three bowel actions per day to 3 per week is taken into account the traditional vary. What’s extra essential than frequency is the convenience with which you progress your bowels. If you could push or pressure, one thing is off – shifting your bowels ought to take no extra effort than urinating or passing fuel. [18]

Persistent Constipation

An individual with continual constipation might solely have one or two bowel actions per week. There may be appreciable stomach discomfort and ache, which impacts our emotional life and the power to work and study. Typically stools are onerous and painful to move, however in different conditions, reminiscent of with autistic youngsters, there’s merely no urgency or means to move a stool although it’s gentle. 

Dr. Stephanie Seneff described a sample in autistic youngsters by which mushy stool accumulates within the giant gut for a lot of days till the physique flushes every thing out via explosive diarrhea. [8]

Two Key Ideas for Understanding Glyphosate’s Reference to Intestine Dysfunction

The primary key level is peristalsis. That is the traditional rhythmic contraction of muscle tissue within the digestive system that pushes meals alongside the digestive tube that connects the mouth to the anus. Glyphosate interferes with regular muscle exercise within the intestine. It will probably sluggish it right down to the purpose the place partially digested meals piles up within the giant gut for a number of days earlier than there’s a bowel motion.

The second key level is enough ranges of abdomen acid. Hydrochloric acid have to be produced within the abdomen to breakdown protein into amino acids. When abdomen acid is poor, then proteins stay undigested, and the physique is denied the amino acids it wants for mobile exercise.

The Consequence of Impaired Intestine Motility and Inadequate Abdomen Acid 

When sluggish peristalsis and insufficient abdomen acid ranges are current, the microbiome that ought to stay within the giant gut can transfer up into the small gut, which additional prevents nutrient absorption.

This situation known as Small Gut Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). This situation additionally prevents vitamin B12 from being absorbed within the small gut. [7] Melancholy is usually linked to low B12 ranges. [15]

Low ranges of abdomen acid and sluggish peristalsis additionally create preferrred circumstances for the formation of biofilms [16, 17] all through the intestine. These biofilms present a protected haven for poisonous micro organism, dangerous viruses, and lots of kinds of parasites. [7, 8]

Digestion earlier than the Period of Glyphosate

Dr. Seneff said:

Once I was a child you didn’t have digestive enzymes obtainable at [health food stores]. It simply was not one thing that was out there as a result of we didn’t want it again then.

Now individuals are taking all types of amino acids, that are proteins which have already been digested. Individuals are taking digested proteins as dietary supplements, as a result of their our bodies can’t digest proteins. They do that as a result of their digestive methods are so shot by glyphosate that nothing is working any extra. [7]

Glyphosate Substitutes for Glycine 

Glycine is a molecule that the human physique makes use of for producing abdomen acid and for offering muscle contractions within the digestive tract. Glyphosate takes up residence in key locations the place glycine must be situated. [7, 8]

Glyphosate is a chemically synthesized molecule that doesn’t exist anyplace in nature. It’s comparable in some respects to glycine, which is required to help wholesome mobile exercise within the human physique, however functionally they’re very totally different. [7]

When glyphosate substitutes itself for regular molecules in human cells, the chemical reactions which are wanted to help vibrant well being are damaged. This begins a downward cascade of dysfunction that results in many signs and sicknesses. [7]

The Science behind Low Abdomen Acid and Constipation

Dr. Seneff said:

The parietal cells within the abdomen are going to be hit exhausting by glyphosate. The parietal cells make and launch hydrochloric acid. Additionally they produce intrinsic issue, which is a protein that aids with vitamin B12 absorption. 

Parietal cells want to accumulate a whole lot of amino acids to construct proteins. In doing so, they take up glyphosate as a result of glyphosate is an amino acid. It’s taken up by cells on amino acid transport methods. When parietal cells take up glyphosate, they begin dying and are usually not capable of launch hydrochloric acid. 

On prime of that the chloride channel has a completely important glycine residue proper on the squeeze level – it’s like a funnel – the place it lets the chloride via and it must not have adverse cost as a result of that might repel the chloride. It usually has a glycine proper there, which is completely important. However, once you exchange the glycine at that time with a glyphosate molecule, you block the motion of chloride – it can’t come via the channel. [7]

Penalties of Low Abdomen Acid

Dr. Seneff said:

When the abdomen is just not sufficiently acidic, it produces reactions all down the road. 

Glyphosate in parietal cells devastates their means to supply abdomen acid. So, now you have got inadequate acid within the abdomen which suggests you’ll be able to’t breakdown proteins almost as nicely, as a result of there isn’t sufficient acid. Then you definitely begin getting meals particles displaying up within the feces.

This results in SIBO (small gut bacterial overgrowth). The abdomen acid will usually kill the micro organism within the small gut, but when it doesn’t then you’ll get SIBO. SIBO can also be related to autism. 

Abdomen acid can flip down the leaky intestine state of affairs. As a result of when you have got these undigested proteins coming down into the decrease intestine, this opens up the intestine barrier. This could deliver on diarrhea to assist flush every part out – to eliminate poison. The flushing of the intestine is the mechanism that the physique is utilizing to attempt to eliminate that glyphosate. 

However this opens up the intestine barrier, which permits undigested proteins to get into the overall circulation. That is once you actually get in hassle as a result of now you might have the chance for autoimmune illness. 

Your immune cells begin chasing these proteins – it reacts to them – it produces antibodies after which by means of molecular mimicry the antibodies begin attacking tissues of the physique. This will result in MS. 

When it comes to autism, I feel it’s principally an autoimmune illness – an autoimmune assault on the mind due to these wayward proteins which might be inflicting the system to develop these antibodies. [7]

Science behind Impaired Muscle mass within the Intestine and Constipation

Dr. Seneff said:

There was a case research the place a lady tried to kill herself by consuming a glyphosate formulation. She survived they usually [doctors] noticed what glyphosate did to her. They stated it paralyzed her intestine.

Muscle contraction is managed by a protein referred to as myosin. Myosin incorporates glycine residue. 

In the event you substitute that glycine with alanine, which has 1 additional methyl group … you then collapse [the muscle’s] capability to contract. … With that one small change, which is the smallest change you might make, a muscle loses 99% of its potential to contract. 

[As an illustration,] When you simply exchange 2% of the myosin molecules with alanine – they’ve truly accomplished these experiments in vitro – the entire muscle can solely contract at 50% capability.

For those who put glyphosate instead of glycine in a muscle, it in all probability utterly wrecks its exercise – and it might’t contract in any respect. So, should you randomly fill some proportion of myosin molecules with bullets of glyphosate then this disables the muscle so it may possibly’t contract as nicely. [7]

Repairing the Injury to Digestion Brought on by Glyphosate

The knowledge that’s introduced right here about eradicating glyphosate from the human physique and therapeutic digestion is introduced for informational functions. It isn’t medical recommendation. Please seek the advice of a professional healthcare skilled when treating signs or sicknesses.

The method of therapeutic and repairing the injury brought on by glyphosate includes two methods:

  1. Utilizing chlorine dioxide each day to destroy glyphosate and breakdown biofilms. This can permit parietal cells to heal and it’ll restore their capacity to supply abdomen acid. It’ll permit the intestine wall to heal, and can take away glyphosate from myosin, which can enhance muscle contraction within the digestive tract. 
  2. Utilizing hydrochloric acid (Betaine HCl) supplementation with digestive enzymes to enhance digestion. It will permit proteins to be damaged down into amino acids. It is going to kill the unhealthy micro organism that has taken up residence within the small gut, and can ultimately enhance B12 absorption.

How does Chlorine Dioxide Perform within the Physique?

Chlorine dioxide has a exceptional capability to destroy glyphosate. It’s a non-enzymatic answer to a really complicated and troublesome to deal with type of toxicity. It doesn’t chelate glyphosate (mobilize and bind it). Somewhat, it actually breaks it down into elements that may truly develop into vitamins for the physique. [8]

Dr. Seneff said:

Again in 2005, the US authorities identified how fantastic chlorine dioxide is to be used in meals processing crops to maintain away biofilms. It is extremely good at destroying biofilms and biofilms are the place microbes and pathogens hang around and defeat the immune system as a result of they’re protected behind the biofilm wall. Chlorine dioxide breaks these down, which is absolutely essential. 

Chlorine dioxide additionally doesn’t react with natural molecules to supply damaging compounds, which is what chlorine by itself would do. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are very totally different molecules. 

Chlorine is extremely necessary within the physique. Its mechanisms of motion are disrupted by glyphosate, which may end up in chloride deficiency. 

It is rather troublesome to eliminate glyphosate as soon as it’s within the physique. 

There are just a few microbes that may break it down enzymatically, akin to Acetobacter in probiotics. 

However chlorine dioxide can break it down non-enzymatically and it does this principally via an oxidation course of. It’s an oxidizing agent and that’s the way it works. It additionally kills micro organism. 

Chlorine dioxide breaks down into principally oxygen and chloride. The oxygen from chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing agent. Individuals speak about reactive oxygen species as being harmful as a result of there are reactions [in the body]. Reactive oxygen species need to react with a view to do their job. I’m not going to inform you to cease respiration as a result of oxygen is poisonous. You have to perceive that this stuff which are reactive are good for you in small doses.

Your physique is aware of easy methods to deal with chlorine dioxide, as a result of hypochloride, which is what it turns into, is one thing that the macrophages (immune cells) produce to assault micro organism – it’s the antibiotic agent that these immune cells launch. These cells grow to be impaired on this capacity, I consider, due to the presence of glyphosate. So, they will’t kill pathogens, and the pathogens over develop within the intestine, and also you get intestine dysbiosis.

Chlorine dioxide can allow immune cells to recuperate the power to interrupt down unhealthy micro organism within the intestine. That is tremendous necessary! [8]


We not have to really feel like helpless victims with regards to glyphosate publicity. The 2-part technique that was outlined right here allows us to revive our well being when glyphosate is tearing us down and setting us up for any variety of persistent trendy sicknesses.

Chlorine dioxide (CD) has the unimaginable potential to breakdown glyphosate into elements that the human physique can truly use as vitamins to help wholesome processes within the physique. 

This implies we will take proactive steps each day to maintain eradicating glyphosate from our our bodies and enhance our well being. 

For extra details about utilizing chlorine dioxide (CD) and utilizing hydrochloric acid supplementation as therapeutic brokers to advertise well being and therapeutic, you might want to learn these two beforehand revealed articles about what has grow to be generally known as the “CD protocol.” See:

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Concerning the Writer

John P. Thomas is a well being author for Well being Impression Information. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the College of Michigan, and a Grasp of Science in Public Well being (M.S.P.H.) from the Faculty of Public Well being, Division of Well being Administration, on the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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