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Is “German New Medicine” the Path to Healing in the 21st Century? Why Big Pharma Opposes It


by Paul Fassa
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German New Drugs (GNM) was created circa 1980 by German MD and professor of biology Dr. Ryke Geer Hamer. It’s a new strategy to mind-body therapeutic that traces emotional shocks imprinted into the mind that may be seen in mind scans to their actual factors of organic impression.

Though his energetic mind-body strategy began with most cancers, ultimately it utilized to virtually all diseased circumstances. This distinctive strategy to therapeutic or stopping illness with out surgical procedures or chemical compounds was a menace to the present trendy pharmaceutical monopoly, and its financial mannequin based mostly on the sale of medicine and different pharmaceutical services.

Consequently, medical authorities attacked physician Hamer, and he hung out in jail previous to his dying in 2017.

This primary article will try and introduce this novel therapeutic strategy with sources you’ll be able to reference for higher particulars to offer a primary understanding of how this new strategy will get to the basis emotional points behind most illnesses whether or not autoimmune or infectious.

German New Drugs – Created and Developed Whereas Underneath Assault

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. Picture supply.

The overall mind-body idea of Dr. Hamer’s analysis has been understood earlier than by a couple of unbiased observers inside the medical subject. The distinction is that Dr. Hamer has codified and efficiently demonstrated his strategy by restoring well being to terminal most cancers sufferers and others.

The outcomes of Dr. Hamer’s work are vital.

German New Drugs (GNM) has created a scientific construction to allow exact determinations of finding psychic traumas resulting in particular “organic conflicts.” He acknowledged the existence of this prior understanding even earlier than it was codified when he wrote:

By means of the millennia, humanity has kind of consciously recognized that each one illnesses finally have a psychic origin and it turned a “scientific” asset firmly anchored within the inheritance of common information; it is just trendy drugs that has turned our animated beings right into a bag filled with chemical formulation. (Supply)

Dr. Hamer’s life was impacted emotionally by the mindless demise from an “unintentional” gunshot of his teenage son. Quickly after, he was recognized with testicular most cancers. He questioned if there was a connection to his most cancers with the emotional sudden shock of studying of his son’s dying.

Whereas getting by way of his bout with most cancers he started utilizing his medical background as a training doctor and medical faculty professor of biology to analysis the plausibility of an emotional shock’s connection to the emergence of most cancers. 

His findings are to not be confused with what many think about as psychosomatic-induced sickness. Together with his background as a professor of biology, he was capable of the join a sequence of disturbed power from an sudden emotional shock within the psyche to the mind whereas recovering from his most cancers and onward after remission.

Hamer found the psychic-emotional shock’s influence on the mind is observable as a concentric ring sample that’s seen with CT mind scans. Evaluating the CT scans and medical and private data from the identical sufferers, Dr. Hamer was capable of join the shock’s organic influence.

Through the years between 1978 and 1981, Dr. Hamer researched hundreds of mind scans of most cancers sufferers with their medical data. He found:

  • Each emotional shock leaves a shadow on the a part of the mind that corresponds to the cancerous physique half.
  • Each most cancers or cancer-like illness originates with a really troublesome, extremely acute, dramatic and isolating shock.
  • The psychic shock finally creates a organic battle past psychotherapy’s intervention.
  • All these occasions happen virtually concurrently. 

This discovery is what principally constitutes the primary of 5 primary pure legal guidelines of the German New Drugs. A abstract of the 5 pure legal guidelines particulars is out there right here.

Dr. Hamer introduced his findings as a doctorate thesis to the Medical School of the College of Tubingen in Germany. He wrote:

Future therapies will entail little or no treatment however would require the affected person’s understanding of the basis explanation for his battle and illness.

Collectively together with his physician, the affected person will discover the most effective decision to his drawback or one of the best technique with a purpose to keep away from repeating it sooner or later. (Supply)

Dr. Hamer’s well-documented doctorate thesis to manifest this notion was attacked. The school even refused to simply accept the outcomes of his analysis. They issued a warning to recant or your contract won’t be renewed.

Dr. Hamer didn’t recant. 

As an alternative, he continued to analysis and proselytize his findings to the medical group all through Europe whatever the normal institutional persecution and character assassination.

By 1986, the medical authorities in Germany had revoked Dr. Hamer’s medical license. 

The extra Dr. Hamer continued together with his instructional marketing campaign to get mainstream drugs to a minimum of check the work that he had scientifically found after hundreds of hours analysis, the extra the institutional harassment worsened, even resulting in imprisonment. 

Regardless of the efforts to marginalize him and suppress his discoveries, Dr. Hamer influenced a number of docs all through Italy, France, and Spain. Then he was charged with working towards drugs with no license.

Dr. Hammer was extradited to France from Spain the place he had been persevering with to follow his German New Drugs.

Sarcastically, the worldwide trial that sentenced Hamer to 3 years imprisonment in 2004, of which he served 18 months, had documented proof of the efficacy of GNM for most cancers. 

This harsh sentence within the face of constructive documentation was clearly a collaboration between the medical mafia and the authorized techniques of Europe supported by their corporate-funded media.  

Think about an excellent scientist being hunted down all through Europe for curing most cancers, with out medicine and surgical procedure, higher, extra safely, and cheaper than typical oncology.

A Higher Success Price of Curing Most cancers Incurs the Wrath of The Medical Institution

Mainstream oncology and the pharmaceutical business are defending their monetary pursuits by making certain Dr. Hamer’s German New Drugs’s strategy to therapeutic a illness doesn’t catch on considerably amongst medical practitioners and the general public. 

After his early launch from jail, Dr. Hamer wrote an open letter to those that have been supporting him all through the authorized ordeal. His letter disclosed how the media ignored the truth that even the general public prosecutor’s workplace of Wiener Neustadt privately admitted that paperwork confirmed GNM had a exceptional success fee curing most cancers. 

Out of round 6,500 most cancers affected person instances thought-about incurable by conventional medical requirements then handled underneath GNM tips, over 6,000 went on to thrive after the 5 years. That’s sufficient for the medical institution to think about these sufferers cured of most cancers. 

Typical oncology manages an general three % remedy price with that five-year commonplace. Aided with a robust basis of GNM, over 92 % of those sufferers survived the required 5 years most cancers free to be thought-about cured. (Supply)

The Essence of German New Drugs Remedies

Dr. Hamer’s remedy protocol allowed solely pure approaches for most cancers and different illnesses to help the primary remedy strategy of GNM, which is:

By directing our work to the precise second in time when the battle shock was skilled and on the lookout for all of the potential tracks that forestall the affected person from absolutely recovering, we will have extraordinary outcomes with our shoppers.

We not use “band help” drugs. We get to the guts of the matter and the precise explanation for their ailment. (Supply)

Dr. Hamer has rigorously correlated particular manifestations of illness with totally different psychic shocks utilizing mind CT scans to assist discover the precise emotional root that instantly affected a “organic battle” resulting in the illness that’s not needed apart from excessive instances.

Although nonetheless helpful for figuring out therapeutic levels and finding triggers to keep away from relapse, the mind scans have been principally helpful for Dr. Hamer’s analysis. 

It’s additionally not mandatory for the GNM marketing consultant to be an MD or naturopathic physician. It may be anybody educated within the German New Drugs no matter one’s therapeutic methodology background. 

However GNM shouldn’t be confused with psychotherapy or any of the new-age approaches for emotional therapeutic to remedy physiological illnesses which are hit or miss, extra typically lacking than hitting.

The educated GNM marketing consultant, armed with a totally mapped out codified system of figuring out the emotional root explanation for most cancers and different illnesses, typically takes not more than two periods to seek out and launch the emotional shock that made a organic imprint, thus permitting the physique to heal itself with or with out different pure remedies.  

There’s a GNM therapeutic middle in Toronto, Canada. Listed here are some testimonials from sufferers who attended there. Typically on-line periods with this location can be found. You possibly can question that right here.

A chiropractor within the Boston, Massachusetts space, Dr. Neal Robert Smookler, is presently doing nicely with German New Drugs as nicely. He advises use for docs in addition to sufferers who want to keep away from the nastiness of typical medical remedies and get to the basis reason for his or her illness.

Right here’s a hyperlink that introduces him with contact info that can also be from his web site.

Dr. Hamer handed away peacefully in his Norwegian residence in 2017 at that age of 82.  For extra in-depth particulars on Dr. Hamer and his German New Drugs, the websites under are beneficial:

The German/Germanic New Drugs

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s German New Drugs

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