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Nation’s Leading Lawyers take on Gardasil Vaccine Fraud in U.S. Court


Remark by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Well being Impression Information

Under is an account of Lyn Redwood’s observations in a Los Angeles Courtroom Room earlier this month (January, 2019) in a trial towards Merck and the Gardasil vaccine.

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Merck Preventing Fraud Lawsuits in U.S. Courts on MMR and Gardasil Vaccines

By Lyn Redwood, R.N, M.S.N., President
Youngsters’s Well being Protection

On Wednesday January ninth, I attended Science Day Shows within the Jennifer Robi vs. Merck and Kaiser Permanente case in Los Angeles Superior Courtroom. I need to report back to our group on the result of this essential occasion and supply some private commentary.

It’s troublesome to explain the emotions of elation and frustration that I skilled through the full day of livid arguments that started at 9:30 am earlier than Decide Maren Nelson.

Because of the restrictions of the Nationwide Childhood Vaccine Damage Act, my son and hundreds of youngsters like him, have by no means been capable of have their accidents acknowledged in a courtroom of regulation.

Today gave households across the globe whose youngsters’s well being was completely harmed by the HPV vaccine a glimmer of hope that their accidents and struggling would lastly be acknowledged.

The frustration I felt got here from the apparent undeniable fact that the science relied on by our federal businesses to approve the HPV vaccine was criminally insufficient and that Jennifer’s accidents and people of the hundreds of others like her might have been prevented.

Previous to Science Day, plaintiffs’ attorneys fearful that as a result of Decide Nelson threw out a $472 million 2017 jury verdict towards Johnson & Johnson for inflicting ovarian most cancers in ladies uncovered to its asbestos-containing child powders, the Courtroom won’t be very receptive to their arguments right here.

Nevertheless, Decide Nelson gave scrupulous consideration to the science shows by each side and clearly appeared to be approaching the Robi case with an open thoughts.

A red-letter day

After 20 years of advocating for vaccine security, this was the primary time that I’ve watched vaccine science points adjudicated in a real courtroom of regulation.

It was really a red-letter day. Jennifer’s legal professionals brilliantly laid naked Merck’s anemic case for Gardasil, dissecting the science in withering shows difficult each the efficacy and security of the Gardasil vaccine, after which chronicling the horrifying company and company corruption that result in its approval.

Jennifer Robi is a 24-year-old former athlete and scholar who has been confined to a wheelchair since receiving her third Gardasil vaccines at age sixteen. She suffers continuous uncontrolled neuro/muscular contractions (jerking) and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and lots of different signs of systemic autoimmune dysregulation.

Jennifer’s lawyer, Sol Ajalat, initially introduced her case in Vaccine Damage Compensation Program after which, following a judgment in this system, elected to proceed in civil courtroom.

Since VICA (the Vaccine Damage Compensation Act) forbids recoveries for product defect or negligence, Ajalat introduced Jennifer’s civil case underneath the theories that Merck dedicated fraud throughout its medical trials after which did not warn Jennifer (and, by implication, different injured women) concerning the excessive dangers and meager advantages of the vaccine.

As a way to help Sol Ajalat and his sons Greg, Larry, and Steve, who compose the Los Angeles agency Ajalat & Ajalat, a blue ribbon A-Group of the nation’s main plaintiffs’ regulation companies have joined Jennifer’s trial group.

These embrace the companies most feared by Pharma: Weitz & Luxenberg (numerous main items of litigation over 30 years), Morgan & Morgan (Vioxx, Phenphen, Breast Implants, Tobacco), Baum Hedlund, (Monsanto $289 million verdict 2018 and the $54 million 2000 verdict towards Bayer in Haemophiliac/AIDS case) in addition to Youngsters’s Well being Protection’s personal Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kim Mack Rosenberg (a co-author of The HPV on Trial).

The plaintiff’s bar has steered away from vaccine lawsuits because the 2008 Thimerosal fiasco which almost bankrupted a number of huge companies.

Now, Merck, via its reckless overreaching with Gardasil—a public well being flimflam presently rising as probably the most harmful vaccine in historical past—has introduced the nation’s main trial legal professionals again to the brawl.

The three Merck attorneys who made shows have been Dino Sangiamo, Sally Bryan, and Christina Gaarder. Jo Lyn Valoff represented Kaiser.

Gardasil’s super-powered aluminum adjuvant

Plaintiffs started the day with a 2.5 hour presentation.

Sol Ajalat first launched Paul Pennock of Weitz & Luxenberg.

Pennock ran via a riveting 50-minute slide present demonstrating how Gardasil’s super-powered Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS) adjuvant over-stimulated the immune techniques of vaccine recipients tipping them into autoimmune circumstances during which their redlining immune defenses start attacking their our bodies’ personal organs.

This “autoimmune course of” causes a cascade of sicknesses that, in Jennifer Robi’s case, resulted in injury and deterioration in numerous organ techniques all through her physique.

Victims like Jennifer are left exhausted because the physique fights off illness on a number of fronts.  Pennock defined that vaccine makers add aluminum adjuvants (to weak antigens and an extended record of different probably poisonous components) to elicit an immune response, hoping to increase the short-term immunity in any other case offered by most vaccines.

Amongst vaccinologists, it’s axiomatic that the period of immunity correlates on to the toxicity of the adjuvant; the extra poisonous the adjuvant, the longer the period of immunity.

Most vaccines present immunity for less than 5-10 years. Gardasil’s promoters have been promising lifelong safety, and wanted an excellent poisonous adjuvant that would offer this unprecedented degree of safety.

In any case, Merck was promising regulators, pediatricians and the general public that inoculations given to 9-12-year-old women would offer immunity towards a comparatively uncommon most cancers that sometimes doesn’t kill till age 58!

Pennock defined that Merck has refused to reveal the contents of AAHS or to offer samples to unbiased and college scientists for testing.

AAHS, astonishingly, has by no means been security examined by authorities regulators or by Merck.

Research on animals carried out by world famend unbiased scientists like Dr. Chris Exley, Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, Dr. Chris Shaw and others have discovered that mice and sheep uncovered to aluminum adjuvants, at concentrations similar to these present in vaccines, develop unusual behavioral patterns and sicknesses resembling autoimmune illnesses.

A parade of misleading canards

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. subsequent gave the courtroom an explosive 50-minute presentation of 112 disturbing slides describing the parade of misleading canards that composed Merck’s medical trials.

Kennedy described a collection of fraudulent gimmicks employed by Merck to deceive regulators in the course of the medical trials together with using a “spiked” extraordinarily poisonous AAHS placebo quite than a real inert placebo that’s commonplace for management teams in blue ribbon security research for different pharmaceutical merchandise.

Utilizing a toxic placebo within the management group allowed Merck to masks the cascade of accidents suffered by women within the Gardasil group in the course of the medical trials.

Half the women within the Gardasil group and half the women within the spiked placebo group suffered critical accidents, together with a number of deaths, within the first seven months of the medical trials, but Merck was capable of declare that reactions within the research group “have been just like the reactions within the placebo group,” and that, subsequently, the vaccine was protected.

Merck reported most of those critical accidents as “new medical circumstances” not antagonistic occasions, dismissing any connection to the vaccine by fiat.

Details about this parade of grave accidents seems nowhere within the Gardasil package deal insert.

Merck dedicated its boldest fraud in its key medical trial, Protocol 18.

Merck advised FDA that Protocol 18 was the only research during which its researchers gave the management group a real inert placebo. Because of this, FDA declared Protocol 18 “of particular curiosity.”

Nevertheless, in actuality, Merck seems to have taken the precaution of eradicating half the aluminum from the vaccines administered to this research group. Plus, the Firm laced the “placebo” with a witches’ brew of different poisonous chemical compounds.

This research, the one “managed” research that included youngsters within the goal cohort of 9-12-year olds, might not have in reality examined the vaccine that Merck went on to inject into hundreds of thousands of younger youngsters around the globe.

Kennedy advised the decide that this isn’t simply scientific malpractice, it’s outright fraud!

One other tactic utilized by Merck was to purge the research group of anybody with the slightest vulnerabilities to the vaccine or its components although the vaccine would finally be marketed to women with the very vulnerabilities excluded in the course of the medical trials.

This precaution allowed the corporate to masks results that happen solely in weak subgroups.

Mr. Kennedy drew laughter from the massive courtroom room viewers when he described how Merck had prescreened the research topics to exclude individuals with allergic reactions, immunological or nervous issues, greater than four lifetime sexual companions, genetic vulnerabilities to most cancers or to some other medical situation, or with any trace of basic an infection, a historical past of alcohol or drug abuse, or a critical or persistent sicknesses, and so forth.

Lastly, Merck informed its researchers to exclude any particular person with “any situation which within the opinion of the researchers may intrude with the research goal.”

The remaining members have been an elite membership of tremendous wholesome people.

“You couldn’t get into the medical trials until you have been a superhero,” Kennedy informed Decide Nelson. “You needed to be eligible for the Avengers.”

The issue, in fact, is that not one of the individuals receiving the vaccine beneath CDC’s mandate are screened for these vulnerabilities. In different phrases, Merck’s management teams didn’t mirror the goal inhabitants for its drug.

The mayhem brought on by Gardasil

Even these flimflams couldn’t conceal the mayhem brought on by Gardasil.  Kennedy confirmed the courtroom knowledge from Merck’s personal package deal insert displaying that 2.three % of the women receiving the vaccine complained of signs of autoimmune illness inside 7 months.

Since cervical most cancers kills just one.5 People in each 100,000, he famous,

“Merck’s personal knowledge present that the probabilities of getting an autoimmune illness from this vaccine are 1000 occasions the danger of dying from cervical most cancers.”

Not solely did a heartbreaking 50% of the themes in each the research group and the spiked placebo group expertise a critical hostile occasion inside the seven months of the trial, demise charges amongst women within the research have been double background charges.

In truth, the speed for women through the medical trials (85/100,000) was 37 occasions the dying price from cervical most cancers!

Start defects amongst youngsters conceived in the course of the research interval have been 5x these of the management group and miscarriages have been doubled over background charges. Reproductive issues amongst vaccinated women have been 10x background charges.

Lastly, Merck’s personal knowledge confirmed that administering the Gardasil vaccine to women who had earlier publicity to HPV truly raised their danger of creating precancerous lesions (or worse) by virtually 45%.

This revelation is especially scary since sexual conduct is just one of many vectors for buying HPV. Many youngsters are uncovered within the delivery canal.

Kennedy cited quite a few research displaying many very younger youngsters are uncovered to HPV, together with one by which upwards of 34% of women had publicity to HPV previous to age 10.

Kennedy closed his highly effective presentation by chronicling the parade of corrupt conflicts that prompted HHS officers to show a blind eye to the rife fraud that characterised the medical trials.

Merck loaded the 2 FDA and CDC panels that accredited Gardasil, with paid toadies. He confirmed that the pharmaceutical industry truly pays 45% of FDA’s annual price range and that NIH and its officers personal a part of the patents to the Gardasil vaccine and gather royalties on each vaccine bought.

NIH collects tens of tens of millions of dollars yearly from Gardasil gross sales.

Lastly, 45% of CDC’s price range goes to selling and buying vaccines.  Merck exerts management over the CDC with tens of millions of dollars in contributions to the CDC basis, which permits funding for pet tasks.

This degree of help provides Merck the facility to additionally punish the CDC by withholding funding if displeased by the company.

Jennifer’s sickness resulting from Gardasil

Nicole Maldonado of Baum Hedlund subsequent described the onset of Jennifer’s sickness which worsened with every stage of the three vaccine collection and the way her signs have been similar to the signs seen amongst a whole lot of injured ladies in the course of the medical trials all over the world, in locations as numerous as Japan, Australia, Colombia, and Denmark (the place particular clinics have been set as much as deal with Gardasil’s victims), in addition to amongst many ladies right here in america.

These signs included menstrual irregularities, gastrointestinal dysfunction, musculoskeletal ache, neurological circumstances and even dying.

One courtroom observer, a involved mom figuring out herself as Rachel Harris stated she felt sick to her abdomen on the revelations. Jennifer Robi’s mother informed me that she felt elated that Mr. Kennedy had mastered the information so utterly and that their household’s story was lastly being advised.

The rebuttal

The Defendants’ three-hour rebuttal was primarily toothless. Sangiamo doggedly described six research, that he claimed have been relied upon by the plaintiff, that had been retracted.

Nevertheless, solely a type of research was even talked about on the plaintiff’s prolonged exhibit record (Plaintiff’s attorneys by no means referred to it of their briefs) and that research was republished elsewhere after the unique journal retracted it underneath strain from its pharmaceutical advertisers.

Sangiamo argued that the plaintiff had relied on case research fairly than giant scale epidemiological research of the type largely funded by industry or the NIH which owns the Gardasil patent and income on each injection bought.

He cited 5 of these NIH and industry-authored epidemiological research that discovered no causal relationship between Gardasil and autoimmune illnesses.  All are affected by deadly defects reminiscent of solely on the lookout for a really restricted variety of potential accidents for a brief time period following publicity to the vaccine, even though autoimmune illnesses can take months or years to manifest.  The authors of those research had monetary ties to Merck.

Lastly, Merck’s Sally Bryan rose to the rostrum to elucidate to Decide Nelson that Merck’s AAHS adjuvant was protected due to the small portions of this recognized neurotoxin in every vaccine.

She informed the decide that “the dose makes the poison,” and that even water in giant sufficient doses might be poisonous. She identified that there are solely 225 micrograms of aluminum in every vaccine.

For example how small that is, she requested Decide Nelson to think about a greenback invoice – which weighs one gram – reduce into 1 million tiny items. She identified that solely 225 of those items can be in any Gardasil vaccine, far too little to trigger any hostile end result.

So in a single breath, Merck was telling Decide Nelson that the quantity of aluminum in Gardasil was substantial sufficient to completely alter an individual’s immune system to stop most cancers for the subsequent half century and, on the similar time, sufficiently small to trigger no hurt.

The trail ahead

On the finish of an extended day, Decide Nelson ordered each side to work out a discovery schedule and to reappear in courtroom on February 7 to resolve any variations.

In Merck’s zealous promotion of the Gardasil vaccine, the corporate and its allies have shamed mother and father into vaccinating their youngsters, by way of a collection of deceptive advert campaigns which play on parental instincts to guard their youngsters from hurt, particularly from a illness as scary as most cancers.

One business depicts younger woman and boy actors recounting how they developed most cancers from HPV and asking their mother and father in the event that they knew this might have been prevented. “Do you know – Mother and Dad?”

Jennifer Robi has had the braveness to inform a real-life story that the general public not often hears – concerning the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine itself.

Watch RFK, Jr. describe his plan to take this difficulty to the courts

RFK, Jr. (from the video): “We’re going to struggle this battle for you. We’re going to take it to the streets. We’re going to take it to Congress. We’re going to take it to the regulatory businesses. We’re going to drive the press to start out overlaying this difficulty truthfully for the primary time, and permitting this debate to happen. And above all, we’re going to take it to the courtroom room, and we’re going to win these instances. We’re going to seek out justice for you, on your households and for our nation finally. If we’re going to do that successfully, we’d like your help.”

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