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With Thousands of Years History Frankincense Health Benefits Being Rediscovered

A bottle of essential oil with frankincense resin crystals

A bottle of important oil with frankincense resin crystals.

by Crystal Lauer
Well being Impression Information

Earlier than the Magi ever traversed the streets of Bethlehem, bearing chests of gold, frankincense and myrrh, following a star and seeking the Christ youngster, earlier than the historian and botanist, Pliny the Elder penned his Naturalis Historia or Alexander the Nice conquered Gaza, a venerable substance- within the type of a humble resin- had stretched its affect over faith, drugs and tradition alike for hundreds of years already.

Frankincense, also called Olibanum- from the Arabic phrase Al-luban which means “milk”- is an fragrant oleo-gum-resin derived from the genus Boswellia, particularly the Boswellia Sacra and the B. Carterii, B. frereana, B. Serrata, and B. Papyrifera. These scraggily, gnarled timber develop primarily within the Southern Arabian Peninsula, Northeast Africa and elements of India.  

When the dried sap, or resin, is burned, its perfume is claimed to be balsamic and spicy with a touch of citrus. The gum is harvested by strategically slicing the Boswellia timber with specialised knives, within the early spring and the autumn, and permitting the milky sap to drip down in small tear shapes and slowly dry into a tough resin. 

Palm mats have been historically laid on the base of the timber and the sap allowed to build up till dried. Probably the most extremely prized (and costly) resin is a lighter virtually white shade, much less wanted is the decrease high quality golden or amber coloured varieties.

Legend has it that the Boswellia grew in a deeply foreboding mountainous space, coated by a dense swirling fog.  The timber themselves have been purportedly guarded by terrifying winged vipers who would leap upon the unsuspecting soul that dared to strategy the timber and impose deadly bites upon them.

Herodotus, the Greek historian, was conversant in the issues inherent in harvesting sap from viper infested timber and he famous that the peoples of the area would smoke out the bad-tempered snakes with the gum of the Styrax tree earlier than trying to gather the sap.

Definitely, anybody courageous sufficient to reap the resin of the Boswellia tree has earned the fitting to cost no matter he needs for it.

Regardless of the hardships of harvest, the ‘tears’ of the Boswellia tree have been traded the world over, advancing civilizations, applied sciences and cultures via its import, for millennia. 

Pliny the Elder supposed that it had made the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula, “the richest individuals on earth,” since, on the peak of its renown, it was valued to be value its weight in gold and sometimes greater. 

Alongside the “Incense Route”- principally managed by the Arabs- caravans counting upwards of 100 camels, collectively laden down with hundreds of kilos of frankincense and its synergistic companion myrrh, stretched throughout miles of desert on their approach to be traded for the silks of the far East and spices from India and Southern Asia.

The transport of frankincense and myrrh had been the impetus for the domestication of the camel, with every camel capable of carry properly over 700 kilos of fabric and journey as much as ten days with out water. Their valuable cargo was destined to be used in every little thing from spiritual ceremonies to medicines and meals, by the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Israelites and others.

The Queen of Sheba was stated to have introduced saplings of the Arabian Boswellia Sacra to the famed King Solomon of the Davidic dynasty in Jerusalem. Frankincense performed a big position within the Hebrew faith.

The Hebrew individuals blended frankincense with different resins to create the fragrance that ready the temple for worship and the resin was sprinkled, at God’s personal directions, over all of the grain choices made by the clergymen.  

Frankincense is referenced over 120 occasions within the King James Bible with probably the most acquainted story being that of the sensible males delivering gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus, which is discovered within the second chapter of the gospel of Matthew. 

For many of us who grew up listening to the Christmas story and setting out the nativity, gold appeared like the precious present; whereas, frankincense and myrrh appeared principally symbolic of the babes deity and his future sacrifice on the cross. 

Apparently, frankincense was probably probably the most useful present the sensible males from the East would bestow upon the holy youngster, and really a present match for a king.

The Egyptians, who believed that frankincense was the ‘sweat of the gods, fallen to earth’, recorded the earliest written mentions of the fragrant resin which was a key aspect of their embalming course of and purification rituals. 

Historic Makes use of of Frankincense for Well being Advantages

Within the Ebers Papayrus– which dates to the ninth yr of the reign of Amenhotep the primary in 1534 B.C.E.- frankincense is talked about as a remedy for throat points, vomiting and bleeding, whereas burnt frankincense was used for the kohl eyeliner made well-known by the Egyptian ladies.

Each Egyptians and the Arabs burned frankincense resin as a repellent for quite a lot of bugs, to each shield their crops and to scale back the incident of mosquito borne malaria and different illnesses.

The Greek and Roman physicians handled all kinds of maladies with the gum of the Boswellia tree, together with digestive issues, respiration issues resembling bronchial asthma and cough, tumors, ulcers and submit childbirth care, to call just some.

Dioscorides, the Roman army doctor, handled the soldier’s wounds with the gummy resin and Pliny the Elder even famous its use as an antidote for Hemlock poisoning.

Each, Conventional Chinese language Drugs and Ayurvedic medicines of India, make use of frankincense in a various array of remedies, and within the Syriac Guide of Medicines, frankincense is referenced in a number of cures from the early Center Ages.

Rediscovering the Well being Advantages of Frankincense

For over 5000 years, frankincense has performed an integral half in each facet of the human story, however for a time it stepped again into the obscurity of historical past, its worth diminished to a footnote within the biblical occasion of the start of Jesus; and there it waited to be rediscovered. 

With the rise of Christianity, which in its early incarnation, forbid using incense as a pagan ceremony and the autumn of the Roman Empire, which nearly worn out the incense commerce routes, curiosity and use of frankincense and different resins fell out of favor for a time.

Ultimately spiritual organizations such because the Catholic Church would start utilizing the aromatic resins in their very own particular rites.

Right now, there has begun a rebirth of the previous methods. A kind of feeling that we should always revisit the traditional traditions which were put away for a time and maintain them as much as the scrutiny of science, in an try to find if our ancestors knew as a lot as they believed they did. 

Science is steadily proving the knowledge of conventional methods.

In recent times, frankincense important oil and resin have been studied by the scientific group, for its exceptional anti-inflammatory advantages, its analgesic results, its anti-microbial exercise and its immune enhancing capabilities.

It’s even being studied for its most cancers preventing talents and neuroprotective properties. It’s considered useful for nervousness and melancholy, to assist with reducing the depth and frequency of continual cluster complications,  and to enhance cognitive perform.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo managed cross over research, which sought to guage the analgesic results of Boswellia Serrata, it was discovered to considerably increase the ache tolerance threshold in its wholesome volunteers.

Boswellic acid, a terpenoid compound with comparable chemical construction to steroids, has recognized anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  The Boswellia Serrata tree, which has a very excessive ratio of this acid, is grown primarily in India. 

A randomized double-blind placebo managed crossover research involving 30 sufferers with osteoarthritic knees, used an extract of Boswellia Serrata in an eight-week trial and located that there was a reported lower in ache, elevated knee flexion and elevated strolling distance.  It was additionally famous that there was a lower within the frequency of swelling within the knee.

In a research of Boswellia Serrata extracts, effectiveness and mechanism relating to Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a continual inflammatory situation that results in the destruction of the joints, an oral dose of BSE was administered and researchers discovered vital discount in inflammatory mediators and a protecting impact towards RA.

The extract’s capacity to inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines, together with modulation of the antioxidant standing, recommend that the mechanism could also be modulation of the immune system.

In a 2006 research written up within the British Journal of Pharmacology, researchers investigated B.Serrata extracts affect on motility in inflammatory bowl illness, concluding that BSE normalized intestinal motility and possessed antidiarrheal exercise with out slowing fee of transit. 

That is vital as most drugs generally used, have a constipating impact.

Historic Ayurvedic texts present the advantages of liberal use of Boswellia Serrata- or Salai guggul- for arthritic circumstances and inflammatory illness. It will appear that they’ve been on to one thing this complete time.

Frankincense important oil, extensively often known as the “King of Oils,” is steam distilled from the oleo-gum resin of the Boswellia tree and is very fragrant. Aromatherapy- also referred to as important oil remedy– finds its roots in quite a few historic civilizations, with its use in religious, ritual, hygienic and therapeutic modalities.

Essential Oils eBook

Important oils are a really previous, new factor.

Dioscorides writes about plant derived oils in his first century, De Materia Medica and medical use of distilled important oils is recorded as early because the eleventh century.

The French surgeon, Jean Valnet, even handled wounded troopers throughout WWII with important oils used as antiseptics.

A current research demonstrated that the inhalation of Boswellia Carterii important oil confirmed vital discount of the depth of labor ache. 

Aromatherapy is each protected and non-invasive and former research have revealed that, depending on the kind of aroma, nerve cells launch numerous neurotransmitters resembling, serotonin, endorphins and noradrenaline. 

Whereas these neurotransmitters can lower ache, it’s also famous that corticotropin-releasing hormones are decreased by way of interplay with olfactory pathways within the hypothalamus which, in flip, alleviates nervousness. 

Nervousness has a direct correlation to labor ache sensitivity and ache tolerance.

In recent times analysis on Boswellia in all its many incarnations has elevated in an try and show this aromatic resins commemorated popularity in a spread well being associated challenges. 

In a research utilizing hydro distillation of Boswellia Sacra gum resin, researchers investigated the oil for its anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic actions in human pancreatic cell cultures and in reversing tumor progress in mice.

Researchers concluded the distillation of B. Sacra gum resin, might symbolize a brand new therapeutic remedy for pancreatic most cancers sufferers. 

Scientists researching Boswellia Serrata, Sacra and Carterii important oil and extracts, the oleo-gum- resin and the remoted, Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA), as attainable therapeutic remedies for quite a lot of cancers, together with breast most cancers, colon most cancers, prostate most cancers and bladder most cancers, have persistently discovered encouraging most cancers preventing potential by means of quite a lot of mechanisms. 

Private Testimony in Utilizing Frankincense for Respiratory Well being

My very own introduction to frankincense started a lot as I think many others have all through historical past. After a very tough few weeks with a cussed bronchial an infection, a pal instructed I take a complement that was a pure mix of Boswellia oils and resins, to help my respiratory well being. 

Being of a thoughts to breathe deeply, sooner fairly than later, I used to be prepared to attempt absolutely anything. Three days later I used to be virtually a brand new lady. 

I continued to take the fragrant capsules to guarantee myself that I used to be good and properly, with the outcomes being an enormous enchancment in my joint consolation, general power and my digestive well being, in addition to completely clear respiration. 

Due to this expertise, it got here as no shock to me, once I learn the research on bronchial bronchial asthma– an inflammatory situation I had suffered from for many of my life- which had confirmed vital enchancment of bodily signs and indicators of the illness over a 6-week interval, the place members used 300 mg. of gum resin of B. Serrata twice every day. 

Whether or not you attempt an extract for irritation or mobile well being, or an important oil subtle for heightened cognition and decreased nervousness, and even the important oil blended in your face cream to help your pores and skin well being and retain your youthful look, the necessary factor is that you simply incorporate the advantages of frankincense into your every day routine.

Earlier than you rush out to buy your frankincense, make sure to keep away from any aromatherapy oil labeled as a perfume and search for the purest high quality important oil which naked the names: Sacra, Serrata, Frereana or Carterii. 

There are such a lot of advantages to utilizing frankincense each day and whereas the worth might offer you pause, simply contemplate the winged serpents from whom you shouldn’t have to personally wrestle the valuable resin, and I think the price will look much more affordable.

I’m assured that Benjamin Franklin would agree that frankincense is certainly a substance that proves the axiom that “an oz of prevention is value a pound of remedy” even when his unique intent was the promotion of fireside security.

Maybe, the sensible males from the East knew precisely the worth of the present they lay earlier than the Christ youngster, that long-ago day in Bethlehem.

However, I think, they couldn’t have imagined the lack of that information and the rebirth of curiosity that may happen, some 2000 years later.

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